The Story of a Photographer 

My name is Anthony, obviously. I was born and raised on the beautiful island Dominican Republic, I have been living in Tampa, Florida since 2007. I'm a dad to a handsome and amazing 13 year old son. I have always loved photography and taking pictures of my son, even when I was too shy to admit it. I always questioned my photographic ability and worried about other’s perceptions of me until I met a good friend of mine. She was incredibly interested into photography and I was able to explore photography in a comfortable space. Soon thereafter my confidence started to grow as I shared my work, and I have been in love ever since.

Before photography, I hated Florida. Being behind the lens of a camera allowed me to explore and learn more about Florida in a way that opened my eyes. Even though I was only doing phone photography at the time, I was able to travel and network with other creatives. Three years later, I graduated from phone photography to a Nikon D7000, after saving for a whole year. Although friends and family pushed me to start doing portraits after seeing my landscape photos, I always declined because photography gave me time for solitude and self-care.

Eventually I gave in, taking photos here and there at leisure. I thought I was decent, so the overwhelming positive feedback was shocking. Since it was time for a new camera, I decided to dedicate more time to perfecting this craft. I came to realize I was motivated by my natural ability to make people laugh and feel confident and comfortable during my photography sessions.

I approach every session with the goal to make my client happy. Whether I allow them to show a different side of themselves or just have a great time, every photography session is unique. I love getting to know people, listening to their stories, and observing their interactions with each other from behind the lens. I challenge myself to find new ways to capture moments in the different connections between people while having an enjoyable experience.

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